Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do Other Music Bloggers Get This Kind Of Mail?


Guinness World Record holder (for woman with the longest fingernails), The Dutchess, is breaking into the music industry. The multi-talented phenomenon has recently announced the debut of her rock single, “Phoenix" The song was released on YouTube earlier this summer and created a buzz..."

So sayeth her publicist. Which is why I couldn't go into publicity. The Python-esque results would have been something like:

The Dutchess: I want to be a singer.

ublicist: Okay. And what are your qualifications?

The Dutchess: I have the world's longest fingernails.

ublicist: I see...You know, if a record company is looking for singers, I doubt that the first thing they'll ask is, 'Does she have long fingernails?'

Her useless song features Miss ScaryNails' r'n'b vocal stylings over rock guitar. The video (which I bailed out on half-way thru) had me wondering: how does she do anything with those nails? It would be more interesting if they showed her going about her day, getting dressed, etc. Maybe I shoulda watched the whole video...


Anonymous said...

Hello, Mr Fab. I arrived late to the M4M Idol and didn't get to hear Jinnwoo's "Sorry Song". The description he made of the song got me very intrigued. I wanted to ask if there is any way I can hear it, since its out of soundcloud already.
Thanks very much for the great blog. A lot of the music here has illuminated me.

José Osvaldo

Mr Fab said...

You can still download the M4M Idol collection - "Sorry Song" is included in it.

Mr Fab said...

In case you didn't see the link:

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.
José Osvaldo

Anonymous said...

So, the nails chick plays rock guitar? Windbag

Mr Fab said...

Youre welcome, Jose.
Windy, I doubt shes playing guitar or doing anything besides singing (and its debatable if shes even doing that.)

uglyradio said...

That takes the cake, Mr. Fab!
But then, I'd be willing to bet that you get quite a lot of unsolicited music, good, bad and ugly.

Too bad she doesn't do something unique with her nails or something, but I have to confess, those pictures of her creep me out to no end. I am similarly creeped out by weird beards and mustaches.

Now Hermeto Pascoal - there's a guy that could make music with his beard!

Mr Fab said...

i get music spam almost daily, but it's usually along the lines of "Hi, we're an indie/electro band from Brooklyn and..." Delete. I'm sure they're great, but i scarcely have time to check out all the weird music out there, much less everything else.

But this email did give me pause. Got to give 'em credit for that.