Friday, September 09, 2011


(Don't forget to do your patriotic duty and Vote for M4M Idol!)

You maybe getting 9/11 fatigue right around now, and those bad tribute songs I wrote about last year won't help, but this rousing musical theater-style song should pick you right up - after all, it's by a singing telegram guy. As his website says, it's his job to make people happy ("Ask about our special Neil Diamond tribute.")

The song starts playing automatically once you click on this page (AND you can read/sing along with the printed lyrics):

Kerry Prep - "Ground Zero"

And how 'bout that Burger King ad, eh? Even more tasteless than their fries. Thanks to IVOR for the tip.


mano said...

my name is marco, i stumbled upon your site while searching for scott johnson's "john somebody" - which i hadn't listen to in ages!
i found your blog truely great!
a lot of fantastic mad music and a lot of humour in your words.
your article about the philippinos village people is hilarious!!

i think you may have fun taking alook at this video by a couple of musicians, friends of mine while recording their cardborard boxes "drum kit :
and here's their site :

i will definitely start following you. i adore your style, mate! great job!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that guy who wrote the Ground Zero song has turned up on a YouTube video....apparently he's doing these Live Rick-Rolls !