Monday, August 01, 2011


Sometimes even I wonder why I so obsessively write this blog, week in and week out, year in and year out. I'll tell ya why: it's because of albums like this. The universe (or at least the recorded music of planet Earth section of it) continues to astound and delight me, and I just have to spread the word.

Yes Virginia, there really was a 1979 album by a group of Philippino men singing and acting like the Village People. Sung mostly in Tagalog, it features sumptuous full-on orchestrated disco music, a buncha guys in various uniforms singing in unison, campy humor, and non-stop party-time energy. The first song at six minutes long had me a bit fatigued and I was wondering if I should bother with the rest of it, but I did and I'm glad. The fact that a record this ridiculous even exists makes the world a happier place.

Hagibis "Katawan"

The song "Legs" seems to feature vocals from Donald Duck. And dig that
poppin' bass on "Nanggigigil."


Reimer said...

Yes, this sounds too absurd to be true. Thank you.


Hok said...

I for one am truly grateful for your obsessive behavior. Thanks to you and your blog, I have been exposed to a wealth of kooky, jammin, spaced out, tragic, solid, awful, amazing, musics and have subsequently fallen in love with most of them. Keep up the obsession and I will keep coming back for more.
By the way, this album is crazygonuts.

vader0014 said...

anybody pls... help.. anong movie ito naging soundtrack and what year?

vader0014 said...


vader0014 said...

anu movie ito naging soundtrack? and what year po ung movie na un? anyone? thanks!

Dirk Bill said...

I don't know how I haven't found this blog before... but I'm glad I did! Your collection is beyond stupefying, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the effort you put into this site. Thank you!
Of course, no effusive comment can exist without a "could you please re-post this?" plea. Have you tried DivShare?

Mr Fab said...

Alas Dirk, i see that this album is now in print:
and on itunes too, which means that there's a copyright holder out there waiting to attack me if I post it (like whoever decided to take down all my mediafire and rpidshare links...) The digital versions are Probably better quality then my vinyl rip (which seems to have disappeared anyway).

I am working on that Russian HOrny Choir, can't find it right now, but will try to track it down.