Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Contributing more than 2 hours of audio monkeyshines to combat the alarmingly low levels of weirdness in our atmosphere, Greg "Spacebrother" Bishop and Yours Truly present:

Radio Misterioso 04/24/2011

includes the following ingredients:
"Plan 9 From Outer Space" intro
Marlin Wallace "Weird Weird Music" [we spend a lot of time on the show exploring the overlooked outsider musician
Marlin Wallace]

talk break

Duke Errol "Back To Back Belly To Belly (Zombie Jamboree)"
People Like Us "Happy Lost Songs"
Mickey Katz "Doity Dog"
(technical difficulties)
Rusty Diamond "Skellykins"

Ralph Lowe "Munchikens"
Dee Dee King [aka Dee Dee Ramone] "I Want What I Want When I Want It"

talk break [we discuss the song-poem phenomena; cassette tapes; Yiddish culture]

Jack Blanchard "A Weird Little Christmas"
........."........ "Dance of the Living Dead Chickens"
Paul Super Apple "Intro/Apple Love"
Marlin Wallace "That Flying Saucer"
Rodd Keith "Run Spook Run"
Milton Berle "Songs My Mother Loved"
People Like Us "The Sound of the End of Music"
Joe Perkins with Jimmy Riddle "Little Eephin' Annie"
Jesse Lee Turner "The Voice Changing Song"

talk break: eephing & yodeling; Daniel Johnston & Roky Erikson; the Rusty Blanchard
hit song we couldn't recall was "Tennessee Bird Walk," what normal people think is weird music; will outsider music go mainstream?; Greg sticks the mic out the window to try to eavesdrop on arguing homeless guys; Sammy Hagar abducted by space aliens]

Marlin Wallace "Thing From Another World"
Benny Bell "Everybody Wants My Fanny"
Thurl Ravenscroft "Diamond Bar"
Akeem 'The Dream'
Olajuwon "The Unbeatable Dream" [I featured this record on my "Curl Activate" collection]
Marlin Wallace "Mosquiters"
Mr Fab and Spacebrother try to rap from the "Hip-Hop Prayer Book"

talk break: Francis Dec

Snatch & The Poontangs "Two-Time Slim"
The Vampires "The Whip"
Red Ingle & The Natural Seven - the wackiest song about torture ever!

talk break: albums about trees and loggers

Red Ingle & The Natural Seven: Cigareets & Whiskey & Wild Women


Anonymous said...

These radio outings are great!

I also liked the earlier one you posted, co-hosted by Baby Fab.
People who bring their kids to radio stations rock!
I once did a Halloween show with my son in tow and he ended up getting hooked on doing radio.

Keep 'em coming!

Mr Fab said...

Ha ha, thanks, was hoping Baby Fab wasn't too distracting. I was like, "Hello?! We're trying to do a show here! Wanna keep it down with all your goo-gooing and gagaing?!" Not really. Tho I do promise to talk less next time I'm on Radio Misterioso.

Greg said...

I didn't see this until now! I should scroll down more often. The "torture" song is "Why Don't You Believe Me?"

You're welcome back any time!