Sunday, May 30, 2010


Paul Super Apple made a demo tape sometime in the '80s, and sent it to Keith Richards. The tape was passed around, copied, and tho the aspiring singer/songwriter never did get a record deal (much less a chance to work with his hero Richards), he did become an underground legend.

It wasn't just his music that made the tape such a sensation, tho Super Apple's singing augmented by seemingly-random echo effects accompanied by his enthusiastic electric guitar certainly has its charms. No, it's the between-song banter that really reveals the "interesting" personality of the artiste, such as when he compares his songwriting to folks like "Mister Master Paul McCartney," or, as he says in his thick East Coast accent, "Mistuh Mastuh Paul McCAWtney." A must-have.

Paul Super Apple

1 - Introduction
2 - Apple Love
3 - Love Lives On
4 - The Chance
5 - Closing Remahks
6 - Phone Conversation w/ Paul Super Apple


Anonymous said...

Ah yeah, remember this one well from WFMU. Is that really a picture of him?

- Paul E. Amorous

Mr Fab said...

I don't think so. I just did an image search for "super apple." But, hey, maybe it is.

Byn Vacum said...

You should look up Byn Vacum

forked tongue said...

For me, this one just comes a little too close to laughing at mental illness.

Mr Fab said...

He sounds perfectly mentally healthy to me. Deluded maybe, but not schizo or anything.

He loves his music! We should all be so crazy.

Anonymous said...

link is dead