Friday, May 21, 2010

Crying Demons Crying Demons Crying Demons!!

Preacher A.A. Allen made countless recordings of his fiery tent-revival sermons. But few religious records are as notorious as "Crying Demons Crying Demons Crying Demons," which claims to be real recordings of Allen casting out demons in front of enthusiastic crowds during his revivals. I think this album's cover has a lot to do with it's fame: the goofy-looking cross-eyed guy with the words "Crying Demons" scrolling down his face. But the unfortunates "saved" by Allen here are not black guys, but white and Latino women. Hmmm...
Allen sounds rather ineffectual. He commands the demons to leave, but they simply refuse. A lot of this album goes like: "Leave this woman!" "No." "Come out, I say!" "No, leave me alone." "I command you in the name of Jesus!" "Buzz off, mac." They don't do much crying til the end.

I found another mp3 called "Crying Demons" somewhere on line that I've included here that is apparently from another record. A three-sided record?! Now that's demonic!

A.A. Allen: "Crying Demons Crying Demons Crying Demons"

I think the album might just called " Crying Demons," but I like writing it three times so it's like the album cover.


Unknown said...

omg that's so going to be ripped off in 3, 2, 1...and I haven't heard the track yet and it's LOL-time! Brilliant!

Muff Diver said...

An instant classic, never dull or boring!

Thanks Mr Fab!