Friday, May 07, 2010


I'm not really posting this album because of it's musical virtues (namely, upbeat Xian county-pop that sounds like a '70s variety show soundtrack), but because it's from Nashville, whose music district, including the venerable Grand Ol' Opry, is underwater as I write this. And for the album cover artwork. I mean, really: what...the...hell?!
That's Alvis (not Elvis!) pictured, with his wife and daughter. Gary S. Paxton's liner notes describe how Alvis would tell him: "What you need is JESUS. And I would reply, later man, pass the dope. At the time I could not figure out his bag. Where's this guy comin' from?"


There's some nice "Moogs and Special Effects" by one Shane Keister, giving this an unexpected Space-Age feel, and more then a few ludicrous lyrics. But it really all comes together on the song "Knee Power." Seriously, folks, download this album for that track alone. It's got some funk-ay FUNK-ay Moog action. Yup, you never know where you're gonna find that next killer hip-hop sample. And dig the theology of these lyrics:

"God answers prayer night and day
/and sometimes it's not what we want to hear/ but if we spent more time on knees bent low /the answer might be yes instead of no." Ah, so God DOES answer all our prayers - it's just that sometimes the answer is 'No'!

Don't want the whole album? By request, here's just the song:

Alvis Barnett & The Barnetts "Knee Power"

Thanks to windbag!


Holly said...

Any chance of posting an individual mp3 for "Knee Power" ? Sadly, I'm currently at the mercy of a crotchety modem that dls at the whopping speed of (at best) 24/kb ....oh yeah... big ole traffic jam on the internet superhighway!

Mr Fab said...

And - wouldn't you know it? - I'm also at the mercy of computer issues, so I can't host my tunes right now.

But I've been meaning to call my web host's tech support and get that sorted. So please stay on the line, your call is very important to us...

swishyhair said...

They're sporting quite a set of barnets too.

Uncle Deetou said...

Verily, this is the stuff of nightmares... thanks (I think)

Holly said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I think.... what if I can't get this song out of my head?