Tuesday, May 03, 2011

VINYL-PALOOZA #11: Ya No Hay Beatles! A Mexican '60s Garage Rock Fiesta

Closing out this month-long trip thru record-land, I present one final goodie - a various-artists 1960s mucho loco trip thru my Mexican garage-rock discoveries. I found some of these in the little mom 'n' pop store-front Latino music discotecas (music shops) that dot the working class neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Some of these records were still in the shrink-wrap, apparently bouncing around unwanted since the '60s. I bought most of these in the '90s, so I doubt there are too many left by now, but one never knows, does one? The usual sources (thrift shops, record stores) provided the rest.
These albums aren't always solid gold - there are boring ballads, or songs sung in English that make these groups sound like just another bar band. But the right combination of teenage hormones, unusual Latin influences, covers and originals can result in wild, fun, Nuggets-worthy trash-sterpieces.

So here's an hour's worth of garage, rockabilly, crazy screaming vocals, cool surf instros, and (this being a MusicForManiacs comp, after all) a few weird novelties. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Ya No Hay Beatles!

Los Locos Del Ritmo - Hey Joe
Hermanos Carrion - Todo A Su Tiempo (Turn Turn Turn)
Los Apson - Ya No Hay Beatles [I think the title of this original tune translates to something like "We Ain't No Beatles"]
Los Aragon - Tema do Los Monkees
Los Teen Tops - La Plaga (Good Golly Miss Molly)
Los Rockin Devils - Hey Lupe (Hang On Sloopy) [I have a great cassette by these guys/gal, but I can't be bothered with pulling out my boom box; in any case, Amazon has some highly-recommended CDs by 'em]
Los Rebeldos del Rock - Oh Mi Nina
Los Rebeldos del Rock - La Hiedra Venenosa (Poison Ivy)
Los Locos Del Ritmo - Si Ti Tengo A Ti
Los Apson - Viaje Submarino (20,000 Leagues)
Los Belmonts - Amarrado (Glad All Over)
Hermanos Carrion - Memphis
Los Locos Del Ritmo - El Fantasma
Los Locos Del Ritmo - Chica Alborotada
Los Apson - Twist Hawaiano
Los Hooligans - Despeinada
Los Hitters - Hanky Panky
Los Locos Del Ritmo - Pan con Mantequilla (Bread and Butter) [Oh, how the retarded vox on this make me laff!]
Los Crazy Boys - Corina Corina
Los Locos Del Ritmo - El Mongol
Los Apson - Senor Apache (Mister Custer)
Hermanos Carrion - Suzy-Q [throws in a bit of "Land of 1000 Dance" as well]
Los Aragon - Paren esa Musica [don't quit listening before you get to this absolutely hysterical number; "stop the music!!"]


Anonymous said...

You forgot ROCK CON LOS SONAMBULOS! Tracks: Grandes Bolas De Fuego/Tren Solitario/Adios Jamaica/Liana/Rock Del Angelito/La Fiesta Esta Ambietente/Viento Cruel/Carrera Con El Diablo/Ese Sera El Dia/Sonambulo

"Grandes Bolas De Fuego" is "Great Balls of Fire," "Adios Jamaica" is "Jamaican Farewell," and "Ese Sera El Dia" is "That'll Be the Day." I played it for a guy at work, and grinning, said it was crazy and the translations to Spanish were funny as ....

It's a 10" reissue, Electro Harmonix EH 012, from Spain.

I got turned onto it many years ago at a little used record shop on U.S.50 in Lake Tahoe, just on the Nevada side. Guy spun a scratchy Lp in the store, and I couldn't get over hearing Jerry Lee Lewis boogie woogie in Spanish. Guy wouldn't part with it. It came across more enthusiastic than competent--Spanish garage rock. Windy

Mr Fab said...

Sounds *muy incredible*, but is Spanish stuff like this Mexican action?
Going thru my records I also dug out an El Salvador v/a collection of bands with names like Los Beats; and what I believe is a Columbian group of teens/pre-teens playing on traditional instruments that feature a couple of rock songs. For a future post, maybe, one day...

Anonymous said...

It's a Spanish (Spain) reissue of a 1960 Mexican rock 'n roll band. My college Spanish more or less translates the same information from this site:


I bought my reissue from this place:



Anonymous said...

This is a fuckin' cool comp!

Mr Fab said...

Hey, you're welcome, amigo!

Dirk Bill said...

Oh, please please re-up this one! God, I live for this merde!

Kip W said...

¡Mil grĂ¡cias, dude!

Rob from Portland said...

Thanks for posting this excellent collection. I linked to it my blog, as well as added info on El Tri on a feature on Tijuana Rock and Roll. http://oldhighwaynotes.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Los Apson - Ya No Hay Beatles [I think the title of this original tune translates to something like "We Ain't No Beatles"]

Ya No Hay Beatles means "There are no more Beatles anymore"

Good blog!