Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I Cut People, the diabolical sound-smashers we first reviewed last year, have a NEW! FREE! download album constructed entirely out of Hollywood movie audio. In true film industry fashion, it's a sequel - last year's "The Inside Story" was a similar attack on Tinseltown, but, unlike most sequels, this one's a little better. It's more funny. Highlights include the title track's Mel Gibson-gone-insane collage, and "Be My Wingman" pulling all your favorite stars out of the closet. Trenchant commentary + laffs = my fave I Cut People release yet.

I Cut People "This Is Hollywood"

Vocal critics of the sound collage aesthetic like Steve Albini and Henry Rollins
decry the artist's lack of traditional musical methods ("It's not real music!"). But they're missing a crucial point: the media has usually been a one-way avenue - they produce, we consume. This type of sound-collage (200 films were used, in this case) reverses that, chewing up and spitting all the endless hype back out. It's democracy in action, blowing past the gatekeepers, letting anyone with sound editing software in on the information highway. And besides, recycling all that media waste often results in something far more entertaining and profound than the original sources.

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Massively cool.This is an audio artist of much talent.
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big thanks to ICP!