Friday, January 21, 2011

The Everyday Film: "Permanent Patients"

The Everyday Film, the Jandek of electronica, have a new "album" out (it's 11 minutes long) of 7 brief tracks, and we've got it. He/they no longer have a website, but they've kindly let us host this typically disturbing, fascinating burst of noise-tronics and serial-killer vocals cryptically muttering non-sequiters about how he gets his tv friends mixed up with his real friends, and how he hopes he doesn't bleed on your rug. Will make your skin crawl. Have a nice day!

The Everyday Film: "Permanent Patients"


Davide Carrozza said...

Hi, Fab!
Nice blog, one of the best.
I'm really interested in everything The Everyday Film made, but where can I find their/his albums? No CD's around, no websites, nobody has MP3's... They're not like Jandek, they're much more reclusive! Maybe you can help me...
Thank you in advance. Keep up the good work.

Tor Hershman said...

Every tomorrow film
Mae West singin'
"Criswell Predicts"

As ice, baby, ice.

Anonymous said...

I've grown fond of the guy's stuff (guys, gals, whomever). It's mysterious, creepy, willfully obscure and you often get the feeling something will be revealed across the body of work. And who else sends out a promo-CD with a 30 second track?
Fun stuff!

Mr Fab said...

As the Everyday Film website is no more, i wrote to 'em couple days ago asking what their plans are. Am awaiting a reply, which I may or may not get (you know how those mysterious recluses are.)

Reade said...

Wonderful thing you've got going here Fab. Really. Looking forward to hearing more about The Everyday Film. I host/produce an internet radio program on (an independently run affair based in Germantown, PA). I occasionally play tracks I find on this exquisite site! Check it out Mondays from 6 to 8pm Eastern!


TheTheory said...

This is absurdly creepy. Kudos, I always am shocked and surprised when something actually freaks me out in this calloused age.