Friday, January 14, 2011

Strange Interlude

By request, here's a re-up of a 1961 album recorded by Lew Davies & his Orchestra for Enoch Light's Command Records label called "Strange Interlude." Unlike your usual Command stereophonic hi-fi upbeat gimmickry, this one's low-key, creepy.  Songs like "The Witching Hour," "Old Devil Moon" and "In A Mist" live up to the odd mood suggested by their titles. Unusual instruments like the theremin, Ondioline (an early electronic keyboard) and hammered dulcimers were featured. After finding it in the dollar bin of a used record store, I played the heck out of it. I had never heard an album quite like it before.

Lew Davies & his Orchestra "Strange Interlude"

Side 1
Riders in the Sky
Strange Interlude
In a Mist
Gone with the Wind
Wild Goose

Side 2
Old Devil Moon
Ebb Tide
The Riddle Song

The Witch
ing Hour



Holly said...

Sounds intriguing - thank you!

Thanatomaton said...

This doesn't seem to work anymore- not in a "Mediafire deleted it" way, but in a consistent error-message kinda way. Just a heads-up.

Mr Fab said...

Thanatomaton , I just tried it - works for me. Hmmmm...try another browser, perhaps?

Dirk Bill said...

Mediafire... agh!

Anonymous said...

very nice album, thanks

Reddy Fox said...

Fantastic album. Thank you, Mr. Fab.

Unknown said...

Can you reup this album, please?
Zippy is out, unhappy time...
Thanks from Santos City, Brazil.
Denys P.R.