Friday, July 13, 2007


What's a sure-fire way to get a novelty hit? Write a song about dead animals. Think of all the chart-toppers on Dr. Demento's long-running syndicated novelty music radio show: "Fish Heads," "Dead Puppies," "I'm Looking Over (My Dead Dog Rover)," "Dead Skunk In The Middle Of the Road," etc.

Louis Gentile's "Poor Hamster" will probably be a smash on Dr. D's show, if it isn't already. It's got everything you need in music: it's very funny, gross, throws in sound effects and witty musical quotes, and is done in an oom-pah style with kids singing with a German accent (which is fitting since they are German).

Louis Gentile: "Poor Hamster"

I first heard this song on Gentile's page, where I learned that he is an opera singer. Does he mind that this might be the music that he's most remembered for?

Gentile's site has a page with a German language version on the bottom of the page: Für unsere Deutsche Fans, könnt ihr die original version von "O Hamster" hier anhören!

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Unknown said...

I <3 this! One of my favourite things in ages....