Tuesday, July 31, 2007


You gotta wonder how many bowls New York group M'Lumbo were smoking when they came up with this idea: "Dude, I got it! [do they say 'dude' in New York?] Let's play exotic/African versions of classic TV show themes!" Amidst much giggling and Keanu-esque "Whoah"s (or so I imagine) they did just that.

Their album "Sacrifices To The Neon Gods" is a kind of fake cargo-cult hymn collection, as if a primitive African/islander/someplace-dark-and-mysterious people picked up TV signals and began worshipping The Flinstones, The Addams Family, and Mickey Mouse. Hey it could happen! There actually is a South Seas island that still worships Prince Charles. I'd take James Bond any day.

There are horns-aplenty in this 6-man combo, and much improvising, but don't expect your local jazz station to spin it unless their djs do things like play a Tom Waits record at 78rpm on one turntable and a platter of Pygmy field recordings on the other at the same time. And if you think I'm exaggerating that level of hectic-ness, take a listen:

M'Lumbo: "Medley: The Addams Family Theme/Jingle Bells/I Dream Of Jeannie/Perdidia/Night On Bald Mountain"

"Hawaii Five-O," "Get Smart" and "I Love Lucy" are among the other themes that get creatively demolished. Headache-inducing if you're not in the mood, but otherwise, as much fun as a ride on a souped-up merry-go-round while goofin' on cough syrup.


Anonymous said...

"as much fun as a ride on a souped-up merry-go-round while goofin' on cough syrup"

Heh, this kind of writing, apart from the music, is why I keep coming back to this here blog.

- The Duke of Puke

Anonymous said...

THere's more mp3s on Mullatta's site, too. Recommended - for doing new things to exotica, not just rehashing martin denny.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thanks for alerting me to this. Will play on my show.

Vicki - DO or DIY

Anonymous said...

I love all the mlumbo M'lumbo records!!!!

Anonymous said...

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