Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Checking out the thoroughly excellent, if rather unlikely, Iron Maiden mashup album, "Number of the Boots," I was reminded of Anton Maiden. Some of you might remember this Swedish teenager when he gained a bit of internet "fame" in the late '90s/early '00s singing earnest, if inept, versions of Maiden's headbanging '80s metal over the most low-tech electronic backing tracks possible.

Anton Maiden: "Children of the Damned"

This stuff's a real crack-up, but Anton really did crack up - like so many outsider musicians, Anton had mental problems, and he killed himself in 2003.

Iron Maiden's music really is the kind of over-looked kitsch most in need of creative recycling, and "Number of the Boots" organizer Celebrity Murder Party have crafted a really impressive track: it first turns the goofball satanism of Maiden's "Number of the Beast" into cheezy house music (sure to infuriate metal-heads). That would be amusing enough, but it then develops into a mixture of the thematically-connected "Sympathy For The Devil" by the Stones with George Michael and, gulp, George Bush. I'm telling ya, it works a treat:

Celebrity Murder Party - Sympathy for the Soul of the Beast

Thanks again to Radio Clash!


Unknown said...

I had heard the odd Anton Maiden track - have you posted about him before?

I love teh Maiden, they r teh GHEY! :-D Hence the Ghey Metal shows...

Mr Fab said...

Haven't posted on Anton before, but like I said, he was making the rounds a few years ago. WFMU probably played him a bit.

Surely Maiden aren't as gay as Judas Priest?! Hey, now there's an idea - an all drag queen/camp/disco etc tribute to Priest...