Friday, February 09, 2007


The great thing about democracy is that anyone can be President. The bad thing about it is that anyone can be President.

Soundclick, where anyone can post their homemade music, is another example of democracy run amok. It sprang to prominence a few years ago after the similar got bought out by The Man.

I've been checking out a lot of amateur Soundclick sounds lately, but I doubt I'll find much that will be more memorable then the works of an Irish chap named Ceoil. The comments the acoustic singer/songwriter have received have been brutal, but he still believes in his talent: "I feel that there is some good tunes here, but I am aware that they may need some work...After some reviews I think that my voice is also not the best. So with a good singer I think they might sound better." His atonal singing and lack of rhythm have me wondering who could possible perform these songs to truly do them justice. Mr. Ceoil, my advice to you: leave these songs alone - they're fine just as they are.

You can download four of his songs here, but "Heroes" is the, uh, "best" one.

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Madniteowl2007 said...

Soundclick is a fantastic site thst allows DIY Musicians like myself to share our unique musical compositions. I'm proud to be an active member of the Soundclick Community. I learn so much from the different styles of Music that originates from the Composers soul and is shared with the rest of the world via the internet. We are lucky individuals indeed.
We are one big family whose members are creative Musical Geniuses. The beauty of all this is that although we share our different tastes in music,we can all learn from each other. Thank You Soundclick for providing us an avenue to share our music with the world.
Many Thanks!! :>D