Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Regular WFMU listeners may be familiar with Pink Lemonade, comprised of "7-year-old pop prodigy Lily, and her prolific older brother, Spencer." WFMU dj Irwin said he had no idea where you could get the Seattle-area munchkins' music. Well, lookee here - you can get 4 free tunes on the inevitable MySpace page:

Pink Lemonade Music - including the disco-fied "Get This Party On" ("Dance all night"? Don't you kids have a bed-time?) and the anthemic "Cool Girls Rock."

The album is finally out - it's being sold independently thru CafePress and features tunes that Radio Disney would play if they really were cool, like "Slam Dance."

Think seven is a young age to begin a singing career? How about one? London, UK's Charlie A recorded his year-old niece's burblings and sampled them to winning effect, writing original music around it. An excellent novelty:

Charlie A: "bebee bubba"

How 'bout some music by old people? You know, like twelve? Joan Marie Polo are two 12-year old sisters from Phoenix, AZ who indulge in the usual pre-teen off-key vocals and clowning around, but, with the exception of the patriotic "America," feature genuinely dark moody music. A low-budget murk adds to the creepiness of lyrics like "...but now I'm DEAD," the refrain from the song "The Ocean Is My Home." Er, cute kids...


Anonymous said...

The link above is to the single for Cool Girls Rock. Here is the address for the full length 11-track album:

Also, the Myspace page has been updated to include a new previously unreleased track, Music is Love - quite possibly PL's best yet. check it out.

Mr Fab said...

Thanks! I updated the album info.