Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Mrs. Fab and I don't go for that Valentine's Day malarkey. Every day should be Valentines, like the way it is with my man Jacques Foti. Foti, a lounge legend, became well-known in the '50s for delivering love raps in French & English over his piano tinkling, a kind of Continental Barry White for "Leave It To Beaver"-era America. His smoldering looks, ascot, and irresistible accent must have sent many housewives' hearts a-flutter. Did I mention the ascot?

Looking him up on the inter-webs, I found, much to my shock and delight, that the 80-something Foti is a) alive, well, and still performing, b) has his own website, and c) lives here in Los Angeles, and YOU can hire him. You can even call him! "I am available to entertain for all occasions. I have entertained at women's clubs, masonic temples, retirement homes and more. Please call me at (310)-308-4759 for more information." Sacre bleu!

But the real shock was his life story. Born in Hungary (not France?!), he escaped a Nazi prison camp, was separated from the girl he loved, came to America, and became a show-biz success. But success felt hollow without his true love. "So in the mid-70s I started searching...Finally in 1976 I found my dear Erika in Australia. She visited me twice and in 1977 we got married on St. Valentine’s Day. After our marriage we settled in Hollywood and still live here happily married to this day." Hey, that would make today their 30th anniversary!

Celebrate with two standards done Foti-style: "Tres Chic" and "Autumn Leaves," available for download here.

You can order his recordings here "FULL OF ELEGANCE AND FLIRTY DIALOGUE!" As well as his autobiographical book and screenplay.

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