Sunday, September 17, 2006

Now THIS is what those VH1 "Diva" Specials Should Be Like...

Wing has been busy since we last visited the Chinese/Kiwi songbird - she has two new albums, including a (be still my heart) Elvis tribute. It's everything you want and more - her trademark thick accent, high warbly vocals, and Casio-phonic production.

Wing "Suspicious Minds"

Hello, Autumn is, for now, a young lady named Bethanne from Lansing MI. But she hopes to start a band to play her songs. She claims as influences The Beatles, rappers G-Unit, and '70s punk, but I'll be darned if I can hear their influences, except perhaps the spirit, if not sound, of punk - her no-fi confessionals possess nothing in the way of traditional melody or song structure, but plenty of Shaggs-ian sincerity. Unlike, say, Rhonda or Sondra Prill, she isn't full of herself. Quite the opposite - self-deprecating songs like "You Broke Me" and "Never Getting Married" highlight some serious esteem issues.

Hello, Autumn "Superbubble" - who needs three chords when you've got one note.

And, hey, speaking of Rhonda, bet you'd like to hear another one of her songs. You don't? Too bad.

Rhonda "My Dress Code" - Don't worry, it's over in less then a minute-and-a-half.

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Anonymous said...

this Rhonda song actually doesn't sound too far away from Cansei de Ser Sexy!