Thursday, September 14, 2006


Two new bits of "tech-xotica" music from RIAA:

"I Only Hustle For You" - Sinatra does The Hustle (Van McCoy); beats and Brazilian percussion courtesy of BossaCucaNova.

"Kick Bob Marley In The Head" - Dean Martin sings with little alien munchkins over Marley's "One Love." Kinda trippy.

Sammy Davis Jr. gets on a bus. Bus driver says, " Go to the back of the bus"! Sammy says, "But I'm Jewish!" Bus driver says, "Get off the bus!"

An old piano-bar lounge singer named Buddy Worth told that joke during one of his shows. That was in the early '90s; don't know if he's still around.

UPDATE: These songs are now available on the album "Tech-xotica!!"


Anonymous said...

hey I heard People Like Us play the Dino one on her WFMU show a month or so ago, been looking for it ever since - thanks! Yeah, 'tis trippy alright.

Re-upload Request said...

"Kick Bob Marley In The Head" is down at the moment. In case you still have it around could you re upload it please? Thanks.

Mr Fab said...

I provided a link were you can get both songs.