Saturday, April 22, 2006


After the Gangsta Fag post a couple of days ago, someone posted asking about other oddball rappers from demographic groups one normally wouldn't consider in hip-hop. I immediately thought of my Valley homegirl Rappin Granny (aka Vivian Smallwood). Tired of the kids blaring a music she hated, she decided to fight back with her own rhymes.

I don't know who the original rappin granny was, but this is not the one who appeared in the 1985 film "Rappin'", or the different rappin granny who was in "The Wedding Singer." Nor is she Fruity Nutcake, the New York white lady who has appeared on Howard Stern. Wow, there could be a best-of-rappin-grannys compilation.

Here's footage from one of Ms. Smallwood's many TV appearances.
The music may be 50 Cent's, but the lyrics are largely hers. She even, er, shakes her booty. Granny got back! (sorry) Was there really a show called "America's Most Talented Seniors"?

Rappin Granny "In Da Club" - Well, Shirley Jones seems to enjoy it.


Ant said...

Ms Smallwood is on fire!

Here's another rappin' granny for ya. Georgina Dobson, an English pensioner with her own interpretation of "The Message" from a few years back. Enjoy!

Georgina Dobson w/Cupboard Simon - 'The Message'

Anonymous said...

Someone phone Papa John's cauze Mr. Fab delivers!

Thanks for the follow up post, mahan (McMahan?)

Mr Fab said...

Oh yeah, that version of the Message! I'd heard that before, but somehow forgot about it (how, oh how?).
Thanks muchly for that.

J.R. Kinnard said...

Holy balls, that was funny! Though there is something disconcerting about hearing Granny sing of gangland shootings--and having people applaud.