Monday, April 10, 2006


Mike Watt recorded a great rocker a few years back that went, "The kids today must protect themselves against the '70s." And this 1977 video by Danish group the Tommy Seebach Band, a riot of facial hair, cheesy choreography, and ludicrous lip-synching and mugging for the camera, is Exhibit A why Watt was right. Or, perhaps, wrong, for our perverted purposes. I'd watch more MTV if they showed stuff this bizarre.

The song they're playing is another version of "Apache," the surf guiter instro made famous by 6-string kings like Jorgen Ingman, The Shadows, and the Ventures, but here given a soft-core Euro-disco arrangement. It may seem hard to believe that this song would have anything to do with hip-hop history, but, as all crate-digging headz know,
Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band did a funked-up "Apache" that became a break-beat classic. This one, however, is a lot more funny:
Tommy Seebach Band: "Apache" (video)


absonderpop said...

Thanks for reminding me of things I had long since buried deep and never to be discovered again on my hard drive... ;-)

Cheers, Netzhaut

Scott said...

It burns! A great relic to pull out if anyone ever tries to convince me that the disco era was NOT an abomination that did not end quickly enough.

The problem was not the disco music artists, but the "rock" artists who jumped on the disco bandwagon and did it poorly, and painfully.

Exhibit A here.