Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Gangsta Fag

Well! That says it all, doesn't it? Countless rappers, inspired by NWA's "Straight Outta Compton," have filled their music with anger, violence, and curse words, but it's usually been directed at gays, not from them. Gangsta Fag's Twisted G, however, has come straight (well, as straight as he can be, har har) outta New York with music that goes after gay-bashers with a baseball bat. He has the requisite street credentials (prison time, etc), and claims he used to rob and rape crack dealers! That'll teach 'em.

From an interview on his website: "Q: Is it true that most of your fans are straight men?
Twisted G: Yeah that shits very true...Straight people find it disturbing, repulsive, and incredibly fucking hilarious. They love the shock factor and that's cool too! But if you find yourself singing all the lyrics and dancing to it around the house all the time, than yeah, you are a mutha fuckin fag and that's cool too baby!"

Gangsta Fag: "Run From The Faggots"

Thanks to Radio Clash


Anonymous said...

Even if it's a bit reactionary, it's bizarre, yet refreshing! I was expecting light pop backbeats and lisping rhymes. How about a post on more obscure, insane rap music? Jewish (Anti Defemation League), Senior Citizen (with or without alzheimers), Fundamentalist Christian, or what have you?

Mr Fab said...

Believe it nor not, I can actually think of some examples of the kinds of things you mention, so maybe there will be weird-rap posts in the future. Keep watching the skies...

Anonymous said...

hollywood undead = worst band ever. not particularly related you may say. but it reminded me.