Thursday, February 10, 2005


By coincidence, the last two posts were dealing with Australian music, so as long as we're Down Under:

Disasteradio: New Zealand's answer to Perrey & Kingsley, Wendy Carlos, Kraftwerk, and DEVO all rolled into a one-man obsession with cheezy synth pop and obsolete technology, dropping (mostly instrumental) songs like "Synthtease" that could be the backing track to the greatest song Soft Cell never recorded. Elsewhere, he goes on a "Science Badge Adventure," is haunted by the "Ghost In The Pong Machine," and salutes one of the first sampling synthesizers in "Fairlight (Preset Delight Mix)." Even when he indulges in the standard nerd fantasy of running over the hot chick's jock boyfriend, he plays it on rinky-dink Casios so you know he wouldn't really hurt anyone. Unless he's building a giant laser death-ray in his room...

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