Monday, February 07, 2005


Auatralia's bad boy of electronic music, Dsico, has been awfully generous lately - first, he dropped his "You Fight Like A Girl" EP on us, as noted last week. And now he makes a 2003 compilation available for free download: "Ministry of Shit: 2003 Anus" is a various-artists collection that violently demolishes pop music. He plans on making this available for only a week or two, so don't dilly-dally or you won't get stuff like:

- Trotters "Ice Ice Bacon": a hilarious cut-up that makes Vanilla Ice sound obsessed with pig fat;
- Mark N "I Love Feces": Louis Armstrong reveals his favorite kinky fetish;

- and DJ Smallcock's "Curse of the Smallcock," about which Dsico writes, "Dj Smallcock is the psuedonym of Lucas Abela, who is known for his rather extreme performances using combinations of contact mics, turntable styluses, sheets of plate glass, powersaws and other potentially harmfull objects. so yeah its supposed to sound like that - i think he did really tiny little edits of the entire vocal track to get a unusual digital distortion. its not really for the dancefloor..."

It's not?

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