Thursday, December 02, 2004


Self-explanatory - no conventional musical instruments used by these Austrians. They tap on tomatoes, pound potatos, rub rutabegas, and even hollow out carrots to make flutes. At the end of a performance they throw their instruments into a pot, make a meal and serve the audience. And no, they're not making a vegetarian/vegan statement. From their website: "don't ask again. we've heard this question 2 million times." So knock it off, awright?!

Their new album "Automate" has a more abstract sound inspired by electronic music, although, of course, the music is all-natural: click on this to listen. Beginners might perfer to start with their first album. As vegetable music goes, it's the more commercial, mainstream sound: "Radetzky Marsch."

Here's a brief radio interview. Remember now kids: play with your food.

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here is another vegetable music CD that i found.