Sunday, September 06, 2015

Music for Homemade Instruments - A Decade of Debris (1988)

Like the band featured in this blog's previous post, The Hoosier Hot Shots, this group also performs on homemade instruments. However, one group is considered "novelty" and the other "avant-garde." It's all rather arbitrary, and class-ist. This band isn't quite as funny as the Hoosiers of course, but they are plenty tuneful, with nice toe-tapping compositions sometimes derived from Indonesian gamelan music, something ex-members of this group would explore further with the (I believe) still-running band of fellow New York arty-smarties, Gamelan Son of Lion.

Music for Homemade Instruments - A Decade of DebrisI just wish I could see these instruments. I could only find one photo (right), and no videos. 

Despite their academic background, this is fun stuff, not just self-indulgent banging around - hence, not a completely unlikely companion to the Hot Shots. The track "Inside the Compound" is even a kind of mutant blues. An excellent album that should have had greater distribution. This was a cassette-only release. So, yeah, this file is taken from a tape, but still sounds pretty good.

Music for Homemade Instruments- A Decade of Debris (1988)

a1 Glyptodont (Skip La Plante)
 a2 Inside the Compound (Geoffrey Gordon)
 a3 Streetsong (Alice Eve Cohen) [not safe for work!]
 b1 Ball Lead (Rolf Groesbeck)
 b2 Native Cat Songs (David Simons)

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Jordan said...

I bet these guys have a super unique sound! I'll definitely have to check this out. I love it when people can turn what would've been junk into something beautiful.