Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Tony "The Cool Casanova" Fabbri

There is almost no info on Tony Fabbri on the 'net, but all you need to know is that this is seriously some primo outsider awesomeness. His thick accent of undetermined origin, his unique songwriting ("Gong, Gong, Gong" is an ode to the schlocky '70s tv program "The Gong Show"), his vocal delivery that makes up in enthusiasm what it lacks in traditional notions of pitch, the way he acts out the songs in his videos (even the song about the 9/11 attacks on New York!) - it's all just so great. I love this guy. 

Yes, I know that once again I'm opening myself up to more accusations that we're just some "hipsters" (heh) ironically smirking at some pathetic no-talent old guy, but I sincerely think that there's something heroic about a man with virtually no chance to "make it" in the music biz writing songs and performing with the gusto of someone a third his age. It's not just "bad." Journey is bad. The Eagles are bad. And there's nothing entertaining about them. Anthony Fabbri is an inspiration, and if you think I'm being sarcastic, download these tunes, and watch the mind-boggling public access show presented below. Of course you may laugh at times, but I predict that you'll be fascinated by the man's unique vision, and will end up rooting him on (waves hand in the air "Go, Tony!  Go, Tony!")

Four songs were sent to me by The International Voice of Reason, whose crazed Friday morning show on KXLU radio is required listening for all Maniacs. IVOR has no idea where he got these (perhaps Tony sent them to the station?) When we went on-line to see if we could find more info about our favorite new singing discovery, all we found were videos, a public access show from parts unknown. The songs were wonderful, e.g.: his attempt at a West Coast "New York New York," and the go-go rockin' "Her Phone Number", but the videos take it all to a whole other level. One minute he's singing about how great it is that the Berlin Wall has fallen, the next he's changed from a suit into a Hawaiian shirt, brandishing a golf club, telling all the ladies that he's a "cool Casanova." The videos were put up 5 years ago but still have only 100 views. That's just not right. 

UPDATE 4/19/15: I have since found a copy of a full-length album, chock full o' wonderfulness, but boy, is the sequencing a mess, e.g.: the best songs are last, two versions of the same song back-to-back, etc.  I did not omit any tracks, just arranged them to put ol' Tony in the best light. Hearing all these new songs makes me love the guy even more. So many great tunes here.  Didn't think he'd be able to top "Her Phone Number (on the wall)" but the similarly-themed "Please Call Lolita" just might be as funny. "International" is right - there's some Italian and Spanish language songs here.

Tony Fabbri - Love & Inspirational Songs International (1998)

01 Gong Gong Gong
2.  Her Phone Number (on the wall)
03 Somebody Took My Hand (I'm So Glad)
04 Lire, Lire, Lire
05 Tony The Cool Casanova
06 Baby Bright Eyes
07 Beautiful Los Angeles
08 The Berlin Wall
09 Splendid Lady
10 Pray For World Peace
11 Precioso Mujer
12 Please Call Lolita
13 Hermosa Los Angeles ["Beautiful Los Angeles" sung en espanol]
14 A Portrait Of My Love
15 Nina
16 Everybody Needs Love
17 Ojos Brillantes
18 The Phone Booth
19 The Berlin Wall (Instrumental)
20 Somebody Took My Hand (I'm So Glad) [same song as track 3 but some other guy's singing]

part 1, intro, "God Bless New York":

part 2, "Splendid Lady," "Everybody Needs Love":

part 3, "the Berlin Wall," "Beautiful Los Angeles" (different version from the mp3), "Tony The Cool Casanova":  

part 4, "Her Phone Number (on the wall)", contact info (anyone want to call him and see if he still has the same phone number?)

part 5, "Baby Bright Eyes":

and finally part 6, the hand-clappin' gospel rouser "Somebody Took My Hand":


Pierre said...

Haha, funny to see how he doesn't even try to sing on the microphone

Mr Fab said...

Yes, that unplugged mic is a distraction! And how realistic are those crowd shots and the applause sound effects?

Anonymous said...

I'm tellin' ya, he gets no respect!

Anonymous said...

He gets no respect!


Waaaay on back, in '95, The Bobo wrote and Mr. Fab posted a review on me wee Radio Tor.
Now, you may groove to it @ YouTube

Mr. Fab, I see Mr. Knotts be ye avatar. His aunt 'twere me mammymaters Avon lady.

Steve said...

Any chance this post can be reupped? I just stumbled across Tony's genius and can't find much beyond his "Her Phone Number" song anywhere else.