Friday, February 24, 2012

Manor Boys - Chelmsford's Most Wanted

So there's this guy Phil from Chelmsford, Essex, UK who likes making rinky-dink Casio-esque beats and throwing in seemingly random samples, and he invites this guy he knows from around town named Rich to rap over 'em, but Rich can't rap, certainly can't sing, and just tells somewhat pathetic stories of his life over the music. Together, they are The Manor Boys. The first few tracks on their one and only album from 2006 have a guys-goofing-off feel like an R-rated Flight of the Conchords. Funny, but then Phil hands the mic to Rich. And that's when it get's really good.

I feel kinda bad for poor ol Rich, but brother, I could not stop laughing. He's so honest and earnest as he reveals the details of his lowly life (his mum even appears on one track!) and lamely attempts humorous raps. Fortunately, Rich appears to be in on the joke. Most people on casual listen will think that this is all just hopelessly inept. Maniacs might find it weirdly wonderful.

Manor Boys - "Chelmsford's Most Wanted"

We Are The Manor Boys
Chelmsford Scientists

The Girl That Didn't Want To Know Me

Lost & Found
Rich Is Gay

I Am The Ninja
Richard's Child & Wife (Don't Say Nothing)

The Story Of Richard's Car (Feat. Richard's Mum)
Tea & Biscuits Interlude
The Return Of The Ninja

The Good Old Manor Boys

(I wonder how Rich is doing...)


Lee said...

I'm mates with one half of Cassetteboy, who first discovered The Manor Boys lurking around Chelmsford, so if anyone's likely to know what happened to Rich, it's him. I'll pass this on...

Retarded Puppies Ate My Face. said...

- any joy with that yet Lee? It's been 3 years...

Richard H said...

Im still alive

Rosie Logie[bear] said...

The reaL Rich? Are you still a ninja? We wAIT WITH BATED BREATH xxxx