Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Vote For M4M Idol!!

Don't you wish all of those "[name of country] Idol"/"X Factor"-type shows had good music? Well, now here's your chance to be Simon Bowel (pictured left, on toast) - vote for any of the artists featured on this sampler of home-brew recordings. Most of these acts wrote to me asking for a review of their work, but, goshdurn it, I just don't have the time. Forgive me, bedroom maestros of the world.
But these are all FREE releases, so if you like the sampler tunes, there's often whole albums for you to download. It's really good stuff. I wouldn't subject you-all to anything I didn't genuinely enjoy, so it's gonna be a tough call. A real horse race.

How do you vote? Simply listen to the "M4M Idol" collection i posted below and then leave a comment stating who's your favorite artist of the bunch. The winning artist will get a full-length review (woo-hoo!) in a future M4M post. Yeah, I know...sorry I don't have any valuable cash prizes/record deals to offer the winners, but hey, I get hundreds (sometimes thousands) of eyeballs on this blog each day, so they are getting some exposure.

Musically, it's quite a variety show: lo-fi outsiderness, postpunk prog, campy surf, subversive sound collage, Afro grooviness, ambient/noise soundscapes, twisted electronica, some strange things resembling catchy pop songs. And then there's Jinnwoo's "Sorry Song" which "...was written as an apology from myself to the world for being such a bad and horrible creature...I recorded the piece naked, and in the rain." What would Paula Abdul think?

M4M Idol

1. Bloody Death Skull - I Miss My Homeland
2. Future's Lament 3. Holding Hands
4. Buttress O'Kneel - Exhibit W
5. Buttress O'Kneel - Darkness
6. Cutthroat convention - Warui Neko
7. Cutthroat convention - Parasite's Paradise
8. Death to the Brutes - Death Set
9. Death to the Brutes - No Love, No Ecstasy
10. Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks - Phibes and Vulnavia, Just Married!
11. Die 1000 Wellen Das Dr Mabuse
12. Jinnwoo - Sorry Song

13. Marc Broude - For the Flies

14. Mike Colin - Fish Bulb
15. Mike Colin - The Future is Not Written
16. Moebius II - Innerstate '94
17. Moebius II - Magic Mirror
18. oreaganomics - Fallin Out Of Buildings Fallin In Love
19. Create Something to Love
20. Pompey - Bivouac Sack
21. Pompey - Candle
22. Sam Simmons - Midge
23. Skinjobs - Money in the Bank Vs. Money in the Pocket 24. Skinjobs - Sunshine

Remember, you can't complain about who won if you didn't vote!


karaoke fever said...

Bloody Death Skull!

ECO PAL said...

ECO PAL votes Bloody Death Skull

Anonymous said...

One Thousand Votes for Bloody Death Skull

Carpal Tunnel said...

Bloody Death Skull rules! -Katie C.

Air said...

bloody death skull weeeeee <3

Anonymous said...

oreaganomics create something to love

Anonymous said...

bloody death skull and marc broude

Circuit Bend My Heart said...

Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks

Peter said...

Buttress O'Kneel - Darkness

georgia d said...

Bloody Death Skull song by song!

Plum Industries said...

Buttress O'Kneel - Darkness

Anonymous said...

Ms. Buttress O'Kneel

Anonymous said...

Buttress O'Kneel

Anonymous said...

Buttress O'kneel!!

Mambo-Gambo said...


Clel said...

Buttress O'Kneel of course!

Anonymous said...

All the way with B.O'K.

Aaron White said...

I'm really enjoying several tracks, and while I suspect this poll is being freeped I still must cast my vote for Bivouac, whose sonic tapestries are now hanging on my wall in lieu of sonic wallpaper.

And no, I'm not a buddy of anyone involved in Bivouac or anything, just someone who discovered them through the kindly mediation of Mr Fab.

Mr Fab said...

I hear ya Aaron - no doubt some ballot-box stuffing going on here to some extent, but this was an experiment. Haven't decided yet if I'll do it again.

Aaron White said...

Oops.. by Bivouac I mean Pompey. D'hyuck!

Spaceman Paul said...

I'm voting for Butress - but she looks way hotter in the photos.

Danny said...

Buttress O'NeilL because i was ordered too.
Plus it ain't too bad

ausven said...

Buttress O Kneel!! Weird goodness man!!

Anonymous said...

Buttress O'Kneel!

Buttress O'Kneel said...

jinwoo. waaaaaay better than my stuff.

Les Productions said...

...welly well... freeped indeed! however anyway here is my vote... Oreaganomics - create something to love. and thank you FAB!

Buttress O'Kneel said...

i've looked up 'freeped', so now i know what it means. definitely no 'freeping' involved here. i did tell peeps that this blog existed and that i was mentioned - but that's allowed, isn't it? i voted only once, and that was for jinnwoo. coz it's FUCKING AWESOME.

anyway. just saying - if there's been so-called 'freeping', it hasn't been by me.

Mr Fab said...

Congrats Ms O'Kneel, yep, i guess its' allowed because i never established any ground rules, and, as i wrote a few days ago when you got your own post, you're as deserving as any for all your good work. Check it out:

(I had to look up 'freeping' too, heh heh.)

And nice of you to vote for jinnwoo - sounds like the guy could use some cheering up!

Buttress O'Kneel said...

yay! *supa-smiley face*

thanks, very exciting to even see i'm on a list of 'interesting music' at all - and this is kinda perfect timing, as the new album is now finally out!

*checks other post*

oh, heh, i see you know about the new album already! eep!