Monday, August 15, 2011

Before They Were Stars!!

A 14-year-old Björk! Billy Joel goes heavy metal ! Tori Amos goes big hair '80s! Debbie Harry of Blondie in a '60s hippie band that should have been called "Bland-ie"! Nick Lowe rips off The Who! Neil Young and that superfreak Rick James in the same band!

all strange-but-true, some of it awful, some surprisingly great. Hey, you gotta start somewhere...

Before They Were Stars (A MusicForManiacs Collection)

01 Tony Sheridan [w/"The Beat Brothers": John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney] - Sweet Georgia Brown [1961]
02 Rory Storm & The Hurricanes [w/Ringo Starr] - America [1963]

03 Arthur Lee and the LAGs [pre
-Love] - The Ninth Wave [1963]
04 The Primitives [Lou Reed] - The Ostrich [1964]
05 The Wailers [w/Bob Marley, Peter Tosh] - simmer down [1965]
06 Bluesology [w/Elton John] - Come Back Baby [1965]
07 Shotgun Express [w/Rod Stewart-Mick Fleetwood] - I could feel the whole world turn round [1966]
08 The Mynah Byrds [w/Neil Young, Rick James] - Go On And Cry [1966]
09 The Spiders [Alice Cooper] - Don't Blow Your Mind [1966]
10 John's Children [w/Marc Bolan] - Desdemona [1967]

11 Wind In The Willows [w/Debbie Harry] - Djini Judy [1968]
12 Flaming Youth [w/Phil Collins] - Changes [1969]
13 Attila [w/Billy Joel] - Rollin' Home [1970]
14 Fraternity [w/Bon Scott] - Jupiter's Landscape [1971]
15 Brinsley Schwarz [w/Nick Lowe] - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love & Understanding [1974]
16 Kilburn & the High Roads [w/Ian Dury & some Blockheads] - Rough Kids [1974]
17 Hawkwind [w/Lemmy Kilmester] - Motorhead [1975]
18 The 101ers [w/Joe Strummer] - Letsagetabitarockin' [1975]
19 Björk - Alta Mira [1977]
20 The Nipple Erectors [w/Shane MacGowan] - So Pissed Off [1978]
21 The Coachmen [w/Thurston Moore] - Thurston's Song [1979]
22 Boys Next Door [Nick Cave & the Birthday Party] - Dive Position [1979]
23 Bruce Woolley And The Camera Club [w/Thomas Dolby, The Buggles] - Video Killed The Radio Star [1979]
24 Material [w/Whitney Houston] - Memories [1982]
25 Y Kant Tori Read [w/Tori Amos] - The Big Picture [1988]


Anonymous said...

An extremely cool compilation - many thanx!

Jake Lion said...

Awesome! I saw the Attila cover (a personal favourite for some unknown reason) and had to investigate further. Really awesome finds!

darknlovely said...

This is fun list to work through.
Many thanks!

OpieFromPittsburgh said...

I searched a long time for the original Video Killed the Radio Star (wasn't gonna pay over a hundred bucks for it on amazon). Weird, the sychronicity, I recently heard it on CrapFromThePast. And I was just going to start searching for The Ostrich. Awesome, Thank You.

Mr Fab said...

You're very welcome, folks, and no need to apologize for recognizing the awesomness of Atilla - def. the most listenable thing Billy Joel ever recorded.

Konrad said...

My new favorite hangout/hideout!! Thanks for all the great wonkiness... Or is it wonky greatness?

And now for storytime: Once upon a time in Stillwater OK there was the awesomeness that was the Record Exchange, where the owner greeted everyone with "Hey, man... How's it going?"

In the immense dollar vinyl bin was this one album, which seemed to be there forever. Everytime we went into the Exchange, one of us would pull it out and hold it up for all to mock: Why Kant Tori Read...

Record Exchange and that album are long gone now and we all kick our collective butt that none of us bought it. And we bought some weird stuff. However, we couldn't, as it had become part of the ritual of visting the Exchange.

Anonymous said...

"Hey Man!" Sure miss Ken. Heard he died of a heart attack while camping. He always used to hold back records for me and pull them when I came in cause he knew I would like them.

Anonymous said...

My god, Tori Amos actually did something good. This is awesome, thanks!

Unknown said...

please reupload this