Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Good mooooooorning, maniacs! Mr Fab with ya. Got the traffic report comin' right up, but FIRST, two albums by American morning radio personalities we're GIVING away to the FIRST THREE CALLERS right here on the Music For Maniacs Morning Zoo!!!! *hooting, hollering, and cowbell noises*
First up, an album from 1989 by Johhny B, big fave outta Chicago. He does it all - slick '80s pop, blues, and wild rock! He's a rebel - you won't see HIM on MTV! Gotta love that "Moo Moo" song about a guy who broke into the zoo to do it with a cow! I mean what's crazier, a perv with the hots for a bovine, or a zoo that has boring animals like cows? I can see them for free if I drive thru the country! What else they got, cats and dogs?!

Jonathon Brandmeier

1. When Friday Comes
2. You Won't See Me On MTV 3. How, How, How (The White Boy Blues) 4. Nothin' In My Mind 5. Breakin' Up Isn't Hard To Do (With Someone Like You) 6. The Moo-Moo Song 7. Country Music Star 8. Good Sturdy Woman 9. How'm I Gonna Be A Dad? 10. Makin' Love In The Aid-Ees 11. Sweet Home Chicago 12. Just Havin' Fun 13. We're All Crazy In Chicago 14. JB Reprise

Here's a more recent album courtesy of Reno, Nevada's home for country music, K-Bull. Country music song parodies, weee doggies! My fave's "Time Marches On," a pretty scathing satire of them country folk. All in good fun, folks! And that's "no bull!"

Teflon Cowchip Band "Bullfoonery"

1. JJ Got Run Over By A John Deer 2. Any Woman Of Mine 3. Frankenstein 4. Fever Blister 5. Cheese And Macaroni 6. C-H-R-I-S-T-Y 7. Girls Do
It All The Time 8. Bigger Than A Buick Regal 9. Time Marches On 10. Homeless 11. Paddle My Bum/Dust On His Bottom/Any Woman Of Mine At Christmas Time

Okay, these albums might not be that funny. As sociological documents, however, they're priceless.
Thank (or blame) frequent contributor windbag for the Teflon Cowchips!


Anonymous said...

Support the David Duke/Super Dell Schanze Presidential ticket for 2012! Windy

Radio people: I have a couple (on RED VINYL, no less) Lps by Dave Pratt & the Sex Machine Band, WORST OF... and SHABBEY ROAD, THE WORST OF VOLUME 2, from KUPD, Phoenix, Arizona, circa mid-'80s.

Sarah said...

I am quite curious as to what the Moo Moo song sounds like. I identify very personally with the subject choice.

Mike Hale said...

I grew up in Chicago and I had the Johnny B tape. The insert could be folded into a pair of sunglasses!

Mr Fab said...

Dang, the cd my wife brought from her native Chi-town didn't have none of this fancy sunglasses business - no fair!

Sarah, I hope you mean cows, not bestiality...

Anonymous said...

"Moo Moo Song"..."K-Bull".... Punny?


Normal Ioi Fyp said...

Just listened to the Brandmeier album. I get the impression of both a guy who tries to hard to be cool AND a guy who tries to be hard to be funny. It's like Uncle Jessie and Uncle Joey from Full House both walked through the teleporter at the same time and emerged a two headed super-douche on the other side. Thank you for this baffling, pitiful example of human depravity.

Potency Supernova said...

Agree with Normal loi Fyp's analogy. :) The late 80's and early 90's had some pretty desperate cry-for-help kind of music... WEIRD stuff.

Fun read Mr. Fab :)