Monday, May 02, 2011

VINYL-PALOOZA #10: Harmonic Synthesizer

We're stretching our all-vinyl month by a few days to accommodate this demo album of a 1974 synth (the only one made by electric piano manufacturer RMI) that featured digital capabilities. Wow, this one was years ahead of its time. I'd never heard of it, and I thought I knew my electronic esoterica, but apparently it was not successful, tho Jean-Michel Jarre used one. Sounds good, tho. I especially like the percussion effects on some tracks. "Non-pipe Organ" could be Keith Emerson at a cocktail lounge. And "Funky Wah" does indeed live up to it's name.

Of the three persons listed, only Mike Mandel seems to have had much of a career, playing jazz fusion with the likes of Larry Coryell in the '70s and early '80s.

Clark Ferguson/Mike Mandel/Carlo Curley RMI Harmonic Synthesizer And Keyboard Computer
Thanks to Jake Lion, a cat whose own music we'll be featuring here soon, for the rip and link.


Jake Lion said...

Oh man, as soon as you said Larry Coryell, I instantly remembered the back of the 11th house lp. How could I not have realized it was the same kinda-balding keyboard player?

dj trish said...

Interesting.I've heard of the song funky wah but not sure who originally did it.hmm..Google it!



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Tyler Durden said...


Can you re-up this record?
Or send me by e-mail?

Thank you very much!

Mr Fab said...

My harddrives are packed away cuz we're moving right now, but I'll try to remember to get this up one of these days.

Pierre said...

i wish all the synthetizers had these kind of demos

Dirk Bill said...

Looks like a real LP too, and not one of the floppy soundsheets they put in magazines. Thanks so much for re-posting this!