Wednesday, February 09, 2011


The new Evolution Control Committee album, "All Rights Reserved," is a masterwork of hilarious sound collage and mashups, utilizing strange thrift-store records, ranting preachers, outsider music recordings, pop hits and boomin' beatz. Buy it, if you can find it. But whatever you do, do NOT listen to it:

"The lawyers had concerns," ECC's TradeMark Gunderson explains. ..."We thought the best solution would be
a legal agreement that forbids anyone -- everyone -- from listening. Period."

(Don't listen to it HERE.)

'What Would You Think If I Sang AutoTune' = hilarious misuse of technology. 'Don't Let The Devil Blow Your Mind' kicks butt like prime Fatboy Slim or Chemical Brothers. 'Stairway to Britney' reminds you that ECC practically invented the mashup. 'Listener License Agreement Reminder' = even more hilariouser. 'California Dreamings' stitches a new version of a certain Mamas and Papas hit out of what must be every version of that oldie ever recorded - a helluva lot of work. The sampled voice of
Luie Luie pops up, as does J & H Productions (already sampled by RIAA a few years ago!) And so on. Fun, fun stuff.


Anonymous said...

The vinyl edition is a thick, heavy, sexy orange slap o' wax, too!
Lotsa fun!

Anonymous said...

Anyone that has "Stairway to Britney" (...Spears) is something I need to check out. Gotta find 'em. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Well, I bought the Lp. At least, I ordered it. So that's what Ringo really sounds like ("What You Do If I Sang Autotune"). Went all over town looking for a copy, expecting if available most likely on CD, but all I ran across were the endless copies of whatever is the Billboard Top-200 that is selling tens of copies nationally to top the album charts. Windbag

Anonymous said...

Very nice packaging on the Lp, can't beat the price, too: