Thursday, June 17, 2010


Some nerdy guy releases an album featuring songs about hot dogs, and they send it to me. I swear, do other bloggers get this kinda stuff? But I figured I should give it a listen since I doubt anyone else is gonna review it.

And I'm glad I did listen. Actually, not all of New Yorker McSAPPR's songs are about hot dogs, but they all are pretty silly. And pretty enjoyable. He gets deep into his subject, with songs even saluting the winners of the Coney Island Nathan's wiener-eating championships.

Musically, it's a quite unexpected return to '70s jazz-inflected "soft rock" - think Gerry "Baker Street" Rafferty, Randy Newman, Michael Franks, etc.
Even in these retro-crazed days, I haven't heard too may folks go back down those "mellow" roads too often. Probably cuz you really need some serious chops to play that kinda L.A. session cat style, which these guys most certainly do. Imagine Steely Dan, only with lyrics by a five-year-old.

"Hot Dog Rock"

UPDATE: The link seems to have disappeared. Yo McSAPPR, where's your album?

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