Sunday, January 03, 2010


"LOL" gets tossed around a lot on teh inter-webs, but I really, really did with this one:

Cast of "Real Chance At Love": Animals Are Awesome

The intensely dumb, supposedly "hot"
young ladies sing, er, rap, er, vocalize an original song about our endangered fuzzy friends. No, I never heard of "Real Chance At Love" either. It's on VH1, another horrible "reality" show. But if they keep coming up with musical gems like this one, I may have to start watching. And if you thought the mp3 was funny, check the video (which is proceeded by a commercial, sorry about that):


Greg Bishop said...

Holy shit. My mouth is still hanging open. And laughing.

Idiocracy is already here.

Mr Fab said...

I just feel sorry for that exploding koala.

I know what you mean about "Idiocracy" - I swear I saw an ad on tv recently for a show that was just like "Ow My Balls!"


Here bez an amusin' animal @ YouTube