Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today's song has a lot going for it:
  1. It's a "Creepy Circus Song"
  2. The melody is played on Tesla coils*
  3. Robot drums
  4. Robot organ made of PVC pipes
Strangely enough, this is the second Austin, Texas-based Tesla coil music group we've featured here. The Geek Group was covered awhile back. Same group with a name change? Or does Austin have some kind of crazy Tesla-core scene going on that I don't know about?

ArcAttack: "Creepy Circus Song" (mp3)
ArcAttack: "Creepy Circus Song" (video)

These high tech machines produce an electrical arc similar to a continuous lightning bolt which put out a crisply distorted square wave sound reminiscent of the early days of synthesizers."


music lessons said...

they look kinda cool...

Unknown said...

woot... glad you guys like the song.


J-Unit 1 said...

Granted, DigitalAmputee could obviously give a definitive answer, but the Diprima's were involved in the Geek Group one and are the engineer of the coil/developers of music for this one. [Former Kalamazoo-area represents on M4M!]


Mr Fab said...

Ah, thanks Josh, I figured you might know a bit about this.

DigitalAmputee: cool name! And thanks for dropping in. I'm alwasy happy to hear from the artists I write about. Doesn't happen often enough. (Feel free to come to Los Angeles - your show looks spectacular.)

Unknown said...

Hey guys, thanks for the post. Josh is correct in his statement. We're originally from Kalamazoo. We moved here a few years back. We actually developed the first singing tesla coils in Austin shortly after I moved here.

As far as playing in LA, it shall be done! Let me know if you have a venue in mind that you think can accommodate us (60x60 square feet) and we'll try to make it happen at the end of this year or early next.

Joe DiPrima

Anonymous said...

venue ...can accommodate us (60x60 square feet)

gotta wonder, if that includes audience

Anonymous said...

mp3 dead