Friday, February 27, 2009


Two years ago, I guest dj-ed on Radio Misterioso, the program of "In-depth conversations on the paranormal alternating with weird music and audio." It's hosted by Greg "SpaceBrother" Bishop, one of our pre-eminant weird-ologists, and the man behind "Flying Saucer Music" and the new "Music/Not Music."

I shall return! this Sunday, March 1, 8:00pm PST. Here's the previous show, zipped up in one big ol' 2-hour mp3.

Radio Misterioso 1-7-07 Warning! When you click da link, the audio plays automatically.

"Late Great Planet Earth
Jean-Jacques Perrey "Chicken On The Rocks"
The Lamb Sisters "O Come All Ye Faithful"
Dr. Danny Hart "Those Funny Little Saucers In The Sky"
Seksu Roba "Telstar"

P-Model "Kalamari Pop"
The Plastics
Robert the Robot
Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra "Re-Max"
Bent Bolt "Mechanical Man"

talk break

MSR song poem "Oh, That Zipper On My Pants!"
Nancy Dupree & students "James Brown"
James Brown "Future Shock of the World"
"Sesame Street Disco" "Rubber Duckie"
Luie Luie "Touch of the Pharoahs"/"A Touch of Light"
Gerty Molsen "Walk On The Wild Side"
Les Dance & His Orchestra "Let's Dance/Louie Louie"
Bakersfield Boogie Boys "Okie From Muskogee"
Jed Gould (aka KROQ's Jed The Fish) "LA CA Perv"

talk break

Rael "Elohim"
Frank Strange "Flying Saucers Unlimited"
Russ Garcia "The Goofy Peepl of Phobos"
Buchanan & Goodman "The Flying Saucer Goes West"
The Byrds "CTA-102"

talk break

Richard Hayman "Goin Out Of My Head"
Doc Severinson & The Now Generation Brass "Power To The People"
Robert Byrne "Good Morning Starshine"
Fred Carson "There's A Hippy Girl In Town"
Circle of Tyrants - Acid, the Story of LSD
Klaus Weber - Public Fountain LSD Hall

talk break

Edith H. Boxill "Guantanamera" (from the album "Music Therapy for the Developmentally Disabled")


Anonymous said...

As always, awesome all the way around. Break a leg on the radio...

Konrad Useo said...

Thanks for the repost.
It actually flies by &
seems less than it actually is.

Mr Fab said...

I know what you mean useo - I go in thinking what the hell am I gonna play for 2 hours?! But then it goes by in a flash.