Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's been 50 years since Brazil's greatest gift to the world, the bossa nova, first hit our eardrums, and to celebrate, er, you should really go listen to classic stuff by cats like Antonio Carlos Jobim instead of this silliness. First up, the California-based Grupo Falso Baiano does a great version of that old Brazilian standard, the "Super Mario" theme, complete with furious Carnival-ready percussion:

Grupo Falso Baiano: Irmaos Super Mario

And then there's the not-so-great series of psuedo-bossa classic rock tribute albums coming out of Europe. So far, there's two-count 'em-TWO volumes of Rolling Stones remakes entitled "Bossa n' Stones" (that's how they spell it) and, even more weird, a Guns 'n' Roses tribute, "Bossa n' Roses." Having dutifully listened to these, all I can say is: if cheezy low-energy electro/lounge/house remakes of classic rockers as sung by yet more post-Portishead breathy femme vox is your cuppa, well, knock yourself out, sport.

I have to wonder: why? These albums don't appear to be meant as a joke. Is this simply continuing the long tradition of EZ remakes of hits? But what real rocker would want to listen to something like this?

It is pretty funny, in small doses. Hearing a woman calmly sing Mick Jagger's sexist lyrics adds another layer o' fun:

Anakelly: "Under my Thumb"

Scubba: "Paradise City"


Anonymous said...

I dunno, I'm a "rocker" (I guess), and that "Under My Thumb" sounds great.

BTW, great blog. Cool stuff.

Mr Fab said...

Heh, yeah, I guess the same goes for me. I wonder: Are baby boomer Stones fans - presumably the target market - in the mood for this kinda thing now? Considering how they used to scoff at all non-rock "old peoples" music as being hopelessly corny and uncool...

I said...

"Patience" from the GnR album is pretty fucking great if you ask me! I think these are more or less a rip off of the idea NOUVELLE VAUGE had.

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