Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Kaleidoscope of Meaningless Ectoplasms

A recent ad running on Colorado radio by the conservative religious group Focus on the Family is the funniest thing I've heard lately. Apparently, a law was recently passed in that state to allow trans-gendered people to use public bathrooms, resulting in this bit of unintentional hilarity:
Focus on the Family ad

Could John Waters have done any better?

This actually dovetails quite nicely into my current interest in the literary and biographical side of the film world's most famous trannie, Edward D. Wood, Jr, pictured here starring in his own cinematic plea for cross-dress tolerance, "Glen or Glenda." I've been a fan of his films for ages, but never read any of his books until recently. I whole-heartedly recommend his novel "Killer in Drag," an outl
andish bit of pulp brilliance that's easily as entertaining as any of his films. His non-fiction movie-world expose "Hollywood Rat-Race" is also quite wonderful. Check these quotes:
"Actually, there is no Hollywood any longer. It's become a kaleidoscope of meaningless ectoplasms which abound between reality and the unreality."

On writing: "...why don't you give up before you get started? And that's not sour grapes! That's good, sound advice, which few of you will take...but sound advice all the same."

"You'd be surprised how many of the boys prefer girls' clothes and the girls who prefer boy's clothes! And I mean big stars, directors, producers, and writers!"

"Nothing is stranger then the strange itself."

And thanks to the definitive biography, "Nightmare of Ecstasy" and The Church Of Ed Wood website I've been able to compile a tour of...(drum roll please)...Ed Wood's Los Angeles!
- 4477 HOLLYWOOD BLVD. (Wood's office from 1947- ?)
- 5271 Bakman Ave., North Hollywood (His World War II play "Casual Company" was performed here, but it's an office building now; I live around the corner.)
Santa Monica Boulevard near Western: "Plan 9 From Outer Space" shot at Quality Studios. (The entranceway is located next to the Harvey Hotel.)
- KFWB/Ted Allan studios, Yucca & Argyle: where "Bride of the Monster" shot
- 6136 Bonner St, North Hollywood 91606: apartment from 1965 to 1970
- Yucca @ Cahuenga: apartment of his final years
- 5636 Laurel Canyon Blvd, #4: apartment he died in 12/10/78 (also around the corner from my house - I didn't realize I lived on hallowed ground.)

- Criswell's apartment: Selma Ave. and Cassil Place, Hollywood, CA
Criswell's Burial Spot: 10621 VICTORY BLVD. NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA. Valhallah Memorial Park
Tor Johnson's Burial Spot: 23287 SIERRA HWY. NEWHALL, CA. 91321
Bela Lugosi's Home: 5620 HAROLD WAY, L.A.
Bela Lugosi burial spot: HOLY CROSS CEMETARY, 5835 W. SLAUSON AVE, CULVER CITY, CA 90230

As you make your tour, listen to some choice excerpts from Ed Woods' films, featuring the great performer Criswell:

Orgy of the Dead - opening

Night Things
Furs and Fluff
Ghouls Feast
Orgy of the Dead - End

POSTSCRIPT (6/02/08): Just saw the greatest thing: in a drugstore downtown the ugliest drag queen you've ever seen - tall, gawky, badly dyed hair, hideous lip liner - in a heated discussion with a ghetto sista - short, fat, cornrows. Imagine Herman Munster in drag arguing with Shirley from "What's Happenin'?" God, I love LA.


Greg Bishop said...

Great post!

Criswell's small space on a wall is a little hard to locate. The brass marker reads "CRISWELL PREDICTS/ CHARLES CRISWELL KING/ 1907-1982."

Tor Johnson's grave marker has a masonic symbol on it.

The "Find A Grave" site has good info on locations.

When do you want to come back for another guest spot on Radio Misterioso?

Mr Fab said...

Hey Greg, should have known that you'd have visited those holy sites already! And I'm always happy to come back to guest dj on your show. Just shoot me an email. (Actually I wrote to you a while ago and didn't hear back from you - do I not have your correct email?)

Anonymous said...

good god that is funny...

Anonymous said...

That ridiculous add has just made me day. Cheers for posting it, brought a smile to my face :)

Greg Bishop said...

Sorry, been away from the computer for about a week, although that doesn't seem possible...

Let me look though my emails. If I can't find it, I'll write through the address. My old "spacebrother" one should work.

Clinton said...

Just wondering if anyone has ever known Criswell or had some connection to him in some way before he passed away in 1982. My brother and I are researching the life of his wife Myrtle Louise Stonesifer aka Louise Howard and Halo Meadows. They both lived at 6620 Selma Avenue Los Angeles CA in the 50's and 60's.

Thanks =D
Clinton Bittle

Anonymous said...

Paul Marco is buried at Hollywood Forever cemetery. His gravestone reads "Kelton the Cop Forever."

Fans from around the world visit. It is easy to find. Go to the southeast corner of the cemetery. Then walk approx 30-50 feet and you will find Paul Marco's headstone. He is buried agains the wall to Paramount .