Thursday, November 08, 2007


You've heard the rinky-dink sounds of 8-bit video game music? Howzabout one-bit music?

Tristan Perich is an artist and composer from New York who takes the most primitive Radio Shack-type electronics imaginable and packages them in empty cd cases, which can then be listened to with heaphones. One would think it would be too primitive to be musical. One would be wrong. He's posted some mp3s on his site, like this thoroughly danceable cover of a Fischer-Spooner song:

Tristan Perich: "Just Let Go"

The One-Bit Groovebox crew from the Boston area can actually tell you how to make one-bit music of your own. Too bad there's not much music on their site because the one mp3 sample they did provide is wild:

One-Bit Groovebox: demo

Thanks to J-Unit 1!


Anonymous said...

That's actually lots more musical and listenable then I thought it would be.

- Phil Th

Anonymous said...

bwah hah hah, just to let you crazy motherfuckers know - I'm working on a one-bit drum machine right now... more mp3 samples will come about heh heh he heh ehe

-Noah from the bit box crew

Anonymous said...

Tristan Perich took to the stage September 27th, 2007 at the Amoeba Hollywood to play some awesome and unique one-bit music

You can finally take a look at live show here: