Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Now that I have the space, let's post the entire contents of Rhonda's "Fairy Tale Lost" EP. The song "Rage" was mighty popular around these parts, and in case you're wondering if the whole collection can compete with it, believe me, every song is truly mind-boggling.

She's still at it since we first wrote about her back in '05, and her website still makes me want to jab icepicks into my eyes. She's apparently added videos, but sorry, I didn't have the nerve to look.

UPDATE 4/6/10: Individual files no longer work, but here's a zip file of the entire ep:

Rhonda: "Little Girl Lost" ep

Rhonda: Rowdy Girl
Rhonda: Equally Manic
Rhonda: Rage
Rhonda: My Dress Code
Rhonda: Intercepted Kiss
Rhonda: Get Married
Rhonda: Fairy Tale Lost

Speaking of our favorite divas, does anyone have Sondra Prill's videos? Most of them were tragically taken down off of the YouTubes.

Thanks again to Alexis!


ubunoir said...

her vocal reminds me of angie reed a bit ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello You.

We, what are us, Ms Hope Eternal (no, not some other new-age nutbag) & one half of Drunk Country, what co-hosts The Waiting Room radio show on ErrorFm.com, are somewhat stunned.

Honestly, we thought we had heard & seen most in this busimess, but Jesus, Mary Mother of, no. O, 7 smashed mirrors, no.

We have no idea what to say to any of this. Truly mouth-smacked & tongue-pinched. Like, you know, wow.

The webshite wins medals for audacity & brass ones alone. But the art! The majesty! The Vision! The fucking singing! Such cracked self belief & self-absorption addles any angle of analysis aimed at it.


Obviously, we will now be adding her to the playlist (especially as the last song @ weddings to clear the floor after last call).

Thank you. We think.

He + ½DC

The Waiting Room
Every Wednesday

— music what makes you wiggle a bit —

Anonymous said...

Every song worse then the next. That takes real talent, of some sort.