Friday, August 24, 2007


The Cure are a kind of alternative Grateful Dead, inspiring worshipful devotion in their fans, and bewilderment in the rest of the population. Though I admit to being in the second camp, the ones largely unmoved by Robert Smith's tummy-ache vocals, I enjoy a kooky Kure kover, and coincidentaly there have been several coming my way lately:

Rockabye Baby: "Close To You" - From "Lullabye Renditions of The Cure"

The Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra: Robots Can't Cry - "Boys Don't Cry" for the cybernetic age

The Supersonicos: "Killing An Arab" - Surf guitar RAWK, even throws in some "Miserlou." This band is from Uruguay (!), and "The Supersonicos" is how "The Jetsons" is translated into Spanish.

I suppose The Fall could also be considered an alternative Grateful Dead, but I haven't heard any kooky Fall kovers.


Anonymous said...

dinosaur jr. did a cover of 'just like heaven'

and didn't sonic youth do an ep of the fall covers ???

Mr Fab said...

"didn't sonic youth do an ep of the fall covers"

Ah, but were they KOOKY?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these. That Robots Can't Cry is very Mr Hopkinson's Computer.
Looking forward to playing these on a cast.


Anonymous said...

black metalers "carpathian forest" do a great rendition of "a forest" by the cure.

Bob Driver said...

Thanks for posting the Rockabye Baby Lullabies. Weird and Interesting.

Bob D.