Monday, March 05, 2007


I apologize for this weblog's lack of activity lately, but I've been attending to my wife's (successful) surgery and post-surgical needs, so I think that's a pretty good excuse. Unfortunately, since I've been gone I see that has changed it's policy and you have to register with them to access the tuneage, negatively effecting that last post of mine about the Space-Age mashups. But I have some good news for you:

Blowfly's Punk-Rock Party.

Blowfly?! The sixty-something, foul-mouthed, living legend has gone punk? Yessir! Blowfly's been playing the "chitlin circuit" (the black American blues club scene) for ages,
recording X-rated "party records" that were clearly spiritual antecedents to the likes of the 2Live Crew, but more fun and funny, all delivered with a good-natured wink that seems almost innocent compared to his gangsta-thug progeny.

His new album features parodies of punk and rock classics. Some, like the Dead Kennedys-inspired "R. Kelly in Cambodia" (featuring Jello himself guesting) are delivered in 'fly's traditional funk-ay funk-ay style. But uncharacteristic hard-rockin' styles dominate to great effect on tunes like the Ramones take-off "I Wanna Be Fellated." And if that title alone makes you laugh, you're on Blowfly's wicked wavelength.

Blowfly's MySpace page has some songs available.

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Vincent said...

Unbelievable! Leave it up to Mr. Reid to keep us thoroughly entertained. I'll be sure to look for a CD. FYI, eMusic has a bunch of his party records, as well as some of the rare funk sides available for download. Great read!