Friday, December 15, 2006


Thanks to one of the Grand Poobahs of maniacal music, Otis Fodder, we're walking in a weirdo wonderland with the release of HOLIDAY FREAKIN, one of the most deliriously bent collections of Christmas music ever.

Somewhere between a DJ mix and a compilation, Otis and pals mix in campy seasonal sound-bites with songs by everyone from Mae West, Raymond Scott, and Oscar The Grouch to such cult figures as French "library music"/Moog legend Roger Roger. Outsider music is well represented by the painfully sincere songwriter Gordon Thomas, Danger Woman's "Sleigh Ride" to Hell, and the kids of the Univ. of Michigan Medical Center Children's Psychiatric Hospital, who come off like a more funky version of the Newhall School District's concert. And then you've got the Chinese Kids Choir, 2 Live Jews, and some French rap to provide a little ethnic diversity. All in all, it's 23 tracks of CD-filling seasonal silliness.


An older "Holiday Freakin" collection is available on the page as well.

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