Wednesday, November 15, 2006


If you watch no other video this year, watch this one.

Mrs. Fab passes on tips to me here at Maniac Central, and she has outdone herself this time. (To quote the old commercial, "My wife..I think I'll keep her!") Today's incredible video shows Jim DuBois (Manhattan Consumer Market Executive) and Ethan Chandler (Manhattan Banking Center Manager) at a corporate function singing a version of U2's "One" with new lyrics commemorating Bank of America's merger with MBNA.

They couldn't be less rock'n'roll with their business attire and banking industry-inspired lyrics. But you can tell they've been playing music for years, maybe were in bands when they were younger, and never lost the dream. They're so darned earnest. The singer is truly trying to wrench out every drop of emotion from a song about...corporate mergers.

I often record the audio from videos I post here, but I dunno, I think this should really be seen as well as heard.

"One Bank"

Thanks Mrs. Fab!


Desuko. said...

Dear god. Just shoot me now.

Since we're talking videos, enjoy this one from Japan:

When they tour, I bet the punching puppets get all the good groupies...

Mr Fab said...

Eric, thanks, that was mind-boggling. Giant fake fish-heads on stage, yup. Highly recommended, folks.

Mr Fab said...

Ah, wouldn't you know it - no sooner do I post this then it appears on the front page of Yahoo. Since when does the rest of the world care about outsider music? Feh!

Anonymous said...


Greets Marv