Monday, July 03, 2006


July 4th: Independence Day, America's most patriotic holiday. Time for that self-described "Yankee Doodle Homo" Mark Harris to sing of god and country in his own inimitable fashion.

As fans of Howard Stern's syndicated radio show have known for years, Harris propelled himself to semi-stardom by marrying aging (and soon dead) veteran performer Martha Raye, whose name and good works he commemorates (exploits?) in his campy cabaret show "Mr. Martha Raye" - he sings his self-penned showtune-style fingersnappers and regales audiences with jokes and anecdotes ranging from celebrity gossip to true tales of his own plastic-surgeries (he had a "testicle-lift"?)

Mark Harris is truly a portait of a man in denial: of his own utter lack of talent, the fact that he has not attained the superstardom he so clearly thinks he deserves, and of the fact that the conservative politics and religion he espouses have nothing but contempt for people of his orientation. Fascinating! An Ed Wood for our age.

Mark Harris "Remember The World Trade Center" mp3 - a high-kicking show-stopping 9/11 tribute tune.

You think that's tasteless? Check out the self-aggrandizing video - scenes of planes hitting the towers, mixed with footage of what appears to be one of Harris' cocktail parties, and pictures of Martha Raye. WTC; WTF?!?

Meanwhile, rx has just released a video of his classic George Bush-singing-U2 tune "Sunday Bloody Sunday", and not a moment too soon. Have an unsafe and insane Fourth!

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