Monday, June 19, 2006

No, Thank YOU

In a ghastly display of David Lynch-ian surreal horror, newcaster Connie Chung "sings" Bob Hope's old theme song "Thanks for the Memories" while astride a piano on the final episode of her MSNBC show she co-hosted with her hubbie Maury Povich. She tunelessly wails sarcastic, bitter new parody lyrics, clumsily tries to dismount from the piano, and generally discards any remaining traces of respect the American public has for her as a journalist. Hard to believe she once co-anchored the evening news with Dan Rather. Would anyone at the BBC ever do something like this?

Connie Chung "
Thanks for the Memories" (video) - Gee, I wonder why her show was cancelled?

I know not everyone has the software to record audio from videos to mp3 so here's some iPod-melting monstrosities from our recent YouTube posts: Annoy your friends! Torture your neighbors! Get fired from your DJ gig!

David Lee Roth: "Jump" bluegrass version, live on the "Tonight" show - mp3
Connie Chung: "Thanks for the Memories" - mp3


FiL said...

Ohmigod. I was watching that Connie video and wass just sick all over my keyboard. Thanks! ;-D


The Bobo said...

Creepy. No other way to describe it. The MP3 audio without seeing the image brings it to another scary level. Sounds like she is passing a bowling ball if you didn't know she was slithering off that piano.

What's up with the piano player? Is that Lionel Ritchie doing a John Cage piece?