Friday, May 26, 2006


If British quintet Gabba simply played Abba songs in the style of the Ramones, that would be amusing enough. And sometimes they do do that, but other songs are more like pastiches of both groups' styles merged into an inexplicable whole, with references to numerous songs combining to form what I guess one could call original compositions. Such as "Hej Ho Disco", available from their MySpace space.

British dj Bud The Weiser has put together a swell 20 minute mix of Gabba tunes here (second one down). Listen sharp - there's numerous quotes that only a real Ramones fan will pick up on, but even if you just arrived on planet Earth recently and know nothing of Da Bruddahs, or those Swedes, the hi-NRG rock'n'disco should have you slammin' around the house anyway.

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Whammy Sammy said...

Look what kind of maniac wild man music I ran into at myspace.

Tor Hershman rockin and rollin from west virginia to ancient Egypt.

This stuff iz 2 + 2 + E = M(aniac) C(oncepts) UNsquared.