Thursday, January 19, 2006


From Venezuela comes "Cachicamo con Caspa y Leiko el perro de la IIIII dimension", which I believe translates to "Cachicamo with Caspa and Leiko the dog of the fifth dimension." The Fifth Dimension? The '60s group that did "Up Up and Away?" Nope, these nuts do off-kilter piano merengue versions of well known Latin-American tunes, and a few internationaly known ones like John Lennon's


You can download the entire album here. Limp Bizkit and Sublime also get the treatment. Ay yi yi!


Gian said...

Yeah man, Glad you like it..I'm the singer (sort of).

We do mostly Tropical Dance Organ Music, Cumbia and Raspacanilla.

We also have a previous album but is more electronic/sample/midified, not as good as this one, but almost as funny.


Cachicamo is like a venezuelan armadillo. Caspa is Dandruff, but we put it all together so really it does not have any meaning "cachicamoconcaspa".. and is the 4th dimension : )

Mr Fab said...

That other album's great stuff, too, muchas gracias - "Sweet Child" is, indeed, sweet.

Sorry, thought I counted 5 dimensions. Physics is not my strong point.

Ortega said...

Damn, I tought there where five dimensions too.
Thanks for the link Mr. Fab, apreciatted.

Amílcar O.

Anonymous said...

Mono marico Mr. Fab. Anda a lavarte ese culo tu y los monos venezolanos con olor a mono como tu. Negro es negro y su apellido es mierda...

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Junk Mellow is quite cuerdo. See thou knowest not what thou talkst. He's been imaging all the people sharing all the world with his Kodak. You should move out of the way. The man is here to save the Planet (to floppy disk). In his attempts to save the Planet (to floppy disk) he has built the most amazing mailing lists. He started with a song and ended up as the President of Earth (now juniors, behave yourselves).

I think you should give up inventing these Tarkuses with dandruff on the 6th and a quarter dimension relesased by some fan spaguetti records firm on the Saudi Chimpanzuela of the 8th world. Junk Mellow sees Beethoven as a nothing, let alone these cucarachas with dandruff on the 5th. dementia playing some monkey beat in the Junglezuela. Hey, hey, they're the Monkeys...he is not after sardines, he is after a blue whale called the Bitless...his mental powers have already sent Giorg Hurryson to the other world and now he is sailing up the Gulf stream looking for Paula. The problem being that this Paula keeps diving when he is just about to harpoon her. Slippery Paula. Junk Mellow is now gauging the rhythm in her diving-surfacing schedule.

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As for the incident with that sister of yours you want to be strong and move on psychologically. Just move on.

And now, just remove the thing before it becomes the "Continuing story of Bungalow Bill"...remove it and let's call it a day...