Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Gameboyzz Orchestra

The Gameboyzz Orchestra Project is a six-person group from Poland who do exactly what it says on the tin - make music using hand-held video games and nothing else. Darn good stuff, too. It's amazingly musical, with tight arrangements, some tunes bursting with danceable energy, others more abstract and experimental.

Musically, they recall the electronic melodic sense of Kraftwerk. Sometimes it's almost techno, but non-ravers have no fear: lacking a boomin' bass, they relay on rich textures instead. As they say:

"Console's interface is rather poor (few buttons only), so sound structures created by us must be rather simple, too. This is also the reason for having 6 players - the more players the sound environment is more complex."



ian iachimoe said...

sí, a estas alturas todavía hay algo de los Beatles que no conoces: 28IF


bomarr said...

check out passage's game boy stuff "west world or wheels":


(it's better)

look out for bat rays too

slapdash said...

if you're into gameboyz-music, check this out: www.pornophonique.de - no it's not a pornsite, only two guys with gameboy & acoustic guitar

Mr Fab said...

Wow, this is turning into a whole new musical genre, or at least a sub-genre of the whole 8-bit thing. Keep 'em comin'.